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What our Trekker Say about Us !

'MEMORIES' are always special

I'm writing this blog/testimonial after two great writers: Akashatha and Shruthi. I was inspired by their writing and they shared their first ever experience trekking to Dudhsagar.... Even for me the word "Dudhsagar" was the first call that really pulled me to be part of this huge family called Wild Explorer Adventurous Club (WEAC)
I would like to begin with small background story, how I met "Sunil" one the organizing committee member of WEAC. We both were stranger’s couple of months ago. I proudly say that he is good friend of mine, now.

Irony of life: We were strangers few days before, but WEAC gave us a platform to be part of the Huge family that includes all 54 members. I cherish those wonderful moments spent with WEAC family.
'MEMORIES' are always special becz we laugh by remembering those wonderful moments again and again...

- Raghavendra, Bangalore

Dudhsagar Trek, It's not just a trek, it is an experience, and with WEAC, it is an experience made memorable for a lifetime....

I had heard about a lot of people trekking to dudhsagar falls and it had been a dream trek for me. I was very excited to know when WEAC had organized a trek to dudhsagar. It was great fun trekking from Castle Rock station to Dudhsagar waterfalls (14-15kms, 11 tunnels) along the railway track... Enjoying the lush greenery... Playing in the small waterfalls on the way... Taking selfies... Going through the tunnels.. .. Dudhsagar being just the second trek organized by WEAC, I was very happy at how well it was organized and how well a group of 54 people were managed so well... Hospitality offered by the team was impressive.. Providing biscuits, chocolates, dry fruits during the trek, so that we are not exhausted.. Food offered at the resort was yummy.. Along with that we even got our goodies... And very thoughtful gifts to all the winners of the games conducted by them... Hats off to you WEAC team... I went on this trek just for "Dudhsagar", but a came back with a huge family... Looking forward to going on many more treks with WEAC...

- Shruthi, Bangalore

The journey was beautiful. People shared stories,kept each other motivated and we walked all along till the falls.

This testimonial is from a young girl. I travel with you in buses and work on my computer in a cubicle next to you. I have a teddy bear as my wallpaper and I smile a lot. I have a family at home which wants me safe. But I have dreams. I dream of travel and treks. My dreams are normally followed by imminent danger which might be around. Fate, they say is a bad thing waiting to happen

The journey was beautiful. People shared stories,kept each other motivated and we walked all along till the falls. A sense of accomplishment floods you as you reach the falls. I jumped right in and at that moment exactly the world did not exist for me anymore. I was no longer hungry,tired or doubtful.
We played around for some hours before catching the train back. Everything went exceedingly well. Just as I thought this day couldnt get better, there was hot tea waiting when we came back to castle rock. Thank god for small blessings. We came back home and talked all night. Left dandeli the next day came back to bangalore.

- Akshatha, Bangalore